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MAMA Art Collective Launches in Newport, Virginia!


We’re excited to introduce our fourth chapter of the MAMA Art Collective, an initiative led by Candra Cantrell.  One of the most satisfying aspects of the MAMA Art Collective project is seeing how creative women (who are up for a challenge!) have been taking the general MAMA Art Collective concept and tailoring it to their own community.  What works in metro Atlanta is not necessarily going to transfer to Madison, Wisconsin or Newport, Virginia. To help scale up our grassroots project, we started an online peer mentor group (just a closed Facebook group – nothing too fancy!), in which all of our space leaders share — almost daily — thoughts, tips, advice, problems and successes with each other. From the beginning, Candra jumped in with both feet and not only launched a space in her own community, but also became a tremendous behind-the-scenes cheerleader.  Her advice and encouragement of other women has been critical to the development of other creative spaces around the country! Candra wrote a few words to introduce herself, which we’re so very happy to share.  Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this group and for the MAMA Art Collective movement!

Betsy and Melanie
MAMA Art Collective Co-Founders

My name is Candra Cantrell and I live in the small village of Eggleston on the New River in the mountains of southwest Virginia.  I went to college with Melanie Jones and Katie Miller and, thanks to Facebook, I was able to witness the beauty of MAMA Art Collective and was instantly inspired.

I gave birth to my first child, Quince (a boy), seven and a half months ago and am blessed to be able to stay at home with him.  But, being at home with a baby all of the time is not easy, and in MAMA I saw the perfect opportunity to get back to my creative self while connecting with other Moms, and not having to find childcare in order to do that.
I feel so fortunate to know many creative and talented Moms in this area.  I am so excited to be able to sit down with them every Wednesday and create beautiful things, while our kids have a blast playing together.  What better way for us to support and encourage one another, ourselves, and our children?

2 thoughts on “MAMA Art Collective Launches in Newport, Virginia!

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