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A Big Moment for the MAMA Art Collective

Written by Betsy Wallace

This week is a momentous one for the MAMA Art Collective.  We’re opening our second space on Friday, and I couldn’t be more proud. I also couldn’t help but remember the first few meetings of our now-established intown collective.  Fellow co-founder Melanie Jones and I had a loose plan, but didn’t really know what we were doing, exactly how things would work out or if anyone would even show up.

I mean really, if Kate hadn’t come every week to support us and knit her green scarf, if Katie hadn’t decided to tough it out through Everette’s “adjustment period” in the nursery, if Natalie hadn’t been just an absolute enthusiastic member and cheerleader for our cause, if Shervette and Rachel hadn’t decide to take a chance on a new group…this story could have had a different ending.  But these awesome, talented, extraordinary women took a chance on us, and they became the foundation of our movement.  And then more women came and we actually had something.

Every time I read an article like this,  where the author writes heart breaking words about the loneliness felt by many new moms, I want to shout at the computer “it doesn’t have to be like this! We found a way to make it better! Come join us!”. These days, I feel less lonely.  And I have mom friends who aren’t just mom friends.  They are my friends.  As we sew and stitch and weave, the conversation ebbs and flows.  We talk about our creative work, our kids and our lives.  We literally laugh and cry.  Sometimes, but not often, we work in silence and enjoy the quiet moments. The hours that I spend at the collective are often the most restorative of my week.  I’m so happy that we will now be able to bring a few more women into our fold and couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds.


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