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DIY Popsicle Storage

Contributed by MAMA Member Eli Pelizza


Ona Popsicle   

We have a Zoku Pop Maker, which if you are a Popsicle junkie, or like making gourmet or organic pops for pennies, Zoku is your man, or woman. It allows you to make pops at a rapid fire pace…..none of this waiting to freeze business.

We purchased a lovely storage container, however it only holds six pops and takes up a lot of freezer real estate.  So I came up with this the other day.

Take a sheet of waxed paper.  Fold it in half length wise.  Measure the girth of your pop, or use your hand as a guide.  Mark the pop width + a smidge for depth, down the length of the wax paper.  Set your machine stitch to the largest (small stitches seem to tear out easily).  Sew from top to bottom (short direction) making pop pockets.  Back stitch top and bottom to keep from unraveling.

popsicle 2

Insert pops. Roll up and put in a Ziplock bag.  Bam! Pops do not stick together, and it will last through many cycles of pop making.  You could trim the strings, or not…neither my freezer, nor my child care about the strings, so I let it go.

popsicle 3 popsicle one














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