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Project for a New House–by Melanie

If you’re a Pinterest peruser like me, chances are you’ve created a bunch of boards with titles like “For My Children” and “My Dream House” full of great ideas that will most likely not make it from your computer to your real life.  But one image I pinned probably years ago has really stayed with me, and I was determined to make it happen in our new house.



We just bought the house in which my husband and I intend to raise our three boys.  Moving with children is hard stuff–especially when you have a newborn and you move everybody to a two-bedroom apartment for two months while you house-shop.  I thought it would be sweet to get footprints from each of our boys so we’ll have a memento of how big they were when we first moved in.  I knew the ladies at the collective would be helpful in making my vision a reality, and after going through the process, I really know I couldn’t have done it without them!

Eli and I laid out all the supplies, including three sheets of high quality mixed media paper from Binders Art Supply.  Eli brought some scrappy clean-up towels, and she and Sarah gave me some tips on painting children/printing.  Sarah was keeping kids, so I decided to bring them out one by one and explain the project to the big boys to keep them focused.  Thank you for the photos, Eli!







One sheet quickly became the test sheet, and only one of them came out just right, so I’m glad I had three sheets prepared!  I am very happy with the final result.  I originally planned to paint “June 2014” in a bottom corner, but I got scared I might mess it up.  Anyway, I like the minimalist quality and I know at least our family will understand what it’s all about in the years to come.







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