DIY Black Print Tunic: 30 Minutes Start to Finish

DIY Black Print Tunic: 30 Minutes Start to Finish

Sometimes it takes years to finish a project and sometimes you need a little instant gratification. Shervette whipped up this stylish tunic in literally the time it took me to make a pot of coffee and flip through a magazine.

She started with a large batik print, folded it in half and then eyed up and cut a neck hole at the fold. Keeping the fabric folded, she sewed up two straight seams from the bottom of the fabric (starting just above the fringe) to the armholes (about 2/3 of the way to the fold).  The seams were set in, somewhat fitted to her torso, and we were surprised at how flattering the fit was without any further tailoring.  We talked about some possible finishes for the neckline (beading? embellishments?) but for all intents and purposes, she took home a finished project this morning.

A similar tutorial using vintage scarves can be found here.  In this version, the seams are sewn all the way to the outside (up the edge of the scarf) rather than fitted to the body and ribbons are added to create a tie at the waist for fit.

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