Shrunken Sweater gets a Second Life

– Betsy Wallace

This morning I turned this sad merino wool sweater, put through the washer and dryer by my husband, into a cozy tunic for my daughter.


I didn’t use a pattern or tutorial.  If it didn’t work, Plan B was “the whole thing gets pitched”.

Step 1: I cut the sleeves off and cut them open along the long seam.  This gave me two nice pieces of felted wool to use for the inserts.

Step 2: Opened up the side seams of the sweater (just cut right up on he seam line). My plan was to sew in two triangles to give the tunic a nice sway.

Step 3: Made two triangles out of the sleeves, eying it up.

Step 4: Pin and Sew in the triangles.

Step 5: Attach cute vintage buttons and lace using odds and ends hanging around the collective space!

The whole thing took me about 45 minutes, which included a lot of chatting, getting coffee, stopping for snacks and taking a phone call from my Aunt.

sweater dresssweater dress 2

I would take a picture of this on my two year old, but she refuses to put it on.  Hopefully at some point she’ll change her mind.  It isn’t a perfectly executed masterpiece of craftsmanship, but I am smitten with it.

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