Glitter Workshop!

Glitter Workshop!

Glitter in the salt dough, glitter on the ribbon….very happy to make these at the MAMA Art Collective space (and for the most part not at my house!).

I used this recipe from the Kids Activities Blog.  The dough took just a few minutes to mix  up in the kitchenette at the Collective space and I let the dough rest for maybe 30 minutes while I caught up with friends over coffee.  I forgot to bring my rolling pin (to my credit I did remember to bring the cookie sheet, salt, flour, glitter, cookie cutters AND my daughter) so these were rolled out with a nice cylindrical can of cool whip.  I found this to be a very forgiving project.  I stamped my kids’ names in the dough with metal stamps.

photo-17 (2)

Took them home and put them in the oven for another hour or two to dry them out.  Finished the details with a felt tip red pen.


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