Creative Writing: Blogs to Read

One of the great things about starting a new creative group is meeting people who share similar interests.  I guess it’s not a leap to assume that women who are up for hanging out at MAMA a few times a week might also be funny and inspiring writers. Let us introduce you to two bloggers (and super awesome MAMA members/supporters) who we think deserve a spot in your feed reader:

Read It! Make It!

Sarah Brown writes about book-based curriculum and projects for kids on her blog. She can do this authoritatively because she is a legit former school teacher, curriculum consultant and voracious reader.  You can tell that this is her passion and she is honest about how to read with your kids.  Like in this post where she speaks some cold hard truth about Dr. Suess and  preschoolers.

I will also be checking out Celia Rivenbark‘s essays, thanks to Sarah’s great review.  Recommendations for the whole family? It is always nice to multitask.

Natalie Martinez

Natalie, sometimes know as Architect MAMA, writes about life.  In a thoughtful way that makes you want to capture the small moments like she does in her #project life and #decemberdaily memory keeping posts. Wait, what do these crazy hash tags mean? And what is memory keeping?  If you aren’t up on the latest trends in this field (I wasn’t), I would really recommend checking out her blog to find out more.  Basically, today’s memory keeping is scrap booking’s much cooler, sophisticated cousin who has a design degree and lives in the city.  You will be envious.  And if you decide to try it out, Natalie will help you get started with free printables on her site.


4 thoughts on “Creative Writing: Blogs to Read

  1. Ladies, who is that Natalie Martinez you are talking about? Do I know her?! It was so sweet to include me in today’s post. I would love to share the Project Life love with the MAMAs. Hope to drop in a Saturday session soon. Definitely in 2014.

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