Mission Accomplished: Baby Blankets, Jam Labels, Table Runners and Buttons

~Betsy Wallace

As everyone knows, planning (or pinning) something is much, much different than having a completed project in hand.  So we’re doing a little PROJECT COMPLETED celebratory dance over here at the collective as our members wrap up some really beautiful things they’ve been working on.


Members Tara, Katie, Eli and Katherine (Violet is also interested in the button tutorial…)

First things first, we need to take a moment to appreciate the small but significant accomplishment that is mending.  Eli Pelizza sat down with a few members to share some tips and tricks for reattaching buttons.  Did you know that attaching a small button or piece of sturdy fabric opposite of your button (on the inside of the fabric) will reinforce your repaired button, making future repairs less likely? Or that you are supposed to use special, sturdier button thread to make these repairs? Maybe so, but to a few members (myself included) this was all helpful new information.  In the end, member Katie Miller had a fully functioning cardigan.

Jam Labelphoto-18

Danielle was working hard on Christmas present project.  By the second week in November she had finished these beautiful, hand drawn labels for the peach jam her husband had canned over the summer.  Success! And with time to spare.

We also have to give a shout out to her one-year old daughter, March (that’s a cute picture of her helping out at the Maker Faire), who helped this project immensely by having so much fun in the nursery she hardly needed mom at all.


Melanie became obsessed (her words) with making a baby blanket for her newest arrival and finished the most adorable baby blanket last week! This shot is from my phone at the collective and doesn’t do the final product justice.  She painstakingly quilted the blanket with hundreds of delicate stitches.  And after washing it puckered, frayed and softened in all the right places. You can follow her on instagram here: and see better pictures of this blanket as well as her photography which is equally as amazing.  Travel, kids, crafting…she’s got it all there.


Speaking of obsessions, I’m not sure if you’ve ever hand woven anything, but that is some serious commitment.  Katie Miller wove this piece on her floor loom at home and then brought it in to do the finishing work.  Here it is – finished! Done! Ready to be the star of a fabulous dinner party at her new house.

(In addition to finishing this piece, Katie also moved into a new house and neighborhood, a good reason to have people over to show off your handicrafts)

There you have it, a round-up of projects finished in November.  There are so many more underway…stay tuned!


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