Updated Co-op and Childcare Policy

Hi all!

With our recent exposure in Atlanta Magazine, plus a lot of new faces coming through Meetup and current members, Betsy and I have been talking a lot about the childcare situation and how we can best structure our group so everyone gets the most out of our time at MAMA.  We currently have just a few official co-op members carrying the child-watching load, and as our drop-in rates grow, we are finding several of us are spending significantly more time in the nursery than in the craft room–which isn’t in keeping with our vision for this group.

Going forward, we are putting a new policy in effect.  Every new person will be allowed two totally free drop-in sessions for up to two children.  After two drop-in sessions, we would like prospective members to decide if this is something to which they would like to commit.  If the answer is yes (and we hope that’s the case!), membership fees will be collected at $20/month and we ask that you sign up for your first 1/2 session of childcare.  All memberships will remain on a month-to-month basis–meaning you are only committed for the present month.  We will be keeping the childcare list posted just inside the craft room doorway so we can ensure shifts are covered.

Of course, we know things come up–illness, long sleepless nights with infants, etc.–but we do ask that we all make every effort to show up for childcare days so we can all get the most out of the true co-op experience.  If you cannot make your shift, please let Betsy and Melanie know as soon as possible so we can make other arrangements.  If you have only recently attended your first session or two, we’ll reimburse your drop-in payment of $8/session.  We also realize a few of you are only able to attend a couple of sessions a month due to jobs outside the home, please e-mail us or talk with us so we can discuss.

We are so happy to have you all, and we are excited about the sudden burst of new faces!  We knew you all were out there, it just took a little while to find you!


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