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Our Fall Kick Off is Saturday!

We’re excited to get back into the swing of things this fall and hope you are, too!  We’ll have our first fall session this Saturday from 9:30 – 12:00pm.  If you’ve been thinking about joining as a co-op member or dropping in, now is the time to do it.  We have the full work room back (after sharing with a missionary group over the summer) and use of both the large play room and the infant nursery.  The infant nursery has a changing table, rocking chair and two cribs that we can use.  We don’t have adult supervision in this room, but it is a great flex space for morning naps or catching some quiet time.

We’ll be keeping the same schedule, meeting every Monday and rotating Thursdays and Saturdays (check the google calendar for dates!).  A small but important logistics change: We will keep the outside door unlocked from 9:30am – 9:45am.  If you get there later than that, which is totally fine, just shoot us an email at and we’ll send you the number to text to get in.

Finally, we’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet our goal of signing up 10 cooperative members this fall.  Cooperative members get a fantastic deal: For $25/month and two, 75 minute childcare shifts you get 18 hours of “me” time in the work room!


1) Do I have to have a project?
Most people bring something in, but the projects vary widely from knitting and sewing to painting and writing.

2) If I sign up as a co-op member, do I need to attend all 8 sessions each month?
Nope, just the childcare shifts that you’ve signed up for, but of course it’s more fun and social when members come regularly.  If an emergency comes up and you aren’t able to make it for your shift, we just ask that you let Betsy or Melanie know ahead of time via email or text and schedule yourself for another shift online.

3) How and when do I pay? How do I sign up for childcare shifts?
You can pay at the co-op at the beginning of the month with either cash or check.  You can then sign up for childcare shifts online, which we coordinate with a whiteboard childcare schedule that we have in the workroom so that everyone knows who’s “on duty”.

4) What is it like doing childcare? I don’t think I could take care of 5 kids.
It is easier than you’d think.  Most kids adjust just fine and there are plenty of toys and activities in the play room.  If kids have to go to the bathroom, need a diaper change or are just generally having a tough time, it is easy to let the other moms know – we are just a few steps away directly across the hall.  The kids (and adults!) also do well with having a split shift, which is a change we made a few months after we started.  You’ll be surprised how fast the time goes!

For those of you already planning to co-op, let us know so we can save your spot! If you’re thinking about it, or are on the fence and have any questions please just give either one of us a call or an email ( and we can answer any/all of your questions.


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