Community Organized Women

– Betsy Wallace

This morning I read an article about photographer Lori Fusaro. She photographs older dogs surrendered to shelters in their golden years.  Her heartbreaking and inspiring project, to shed light on the need for homes for these animals, resonated deeply with me.  I felt a kinship of sorts. Sometimes you just know that the way the world works isn’t the way it should work.

This is how I feel about MAMA. To me, it’s more than a place to get together and work on projects. After having children, I realized how limited the options were for pursuing my own hobbies and interests.   I could sign my kid up for countless art, gymnastics, singing, dancing, drumming, swimming classes… but if I wanted to go to yoga? Forget about it, at least for the time being.  With childcare costs ($20) and the costs of the class ($15), this was hardly something that looked worth the money.

Because of this creative projects were dropped, gym memberships went unused and even squeezing in a run became a monumental effort.  Add the stress of young children and you have a recipe for depression, anxiety and general emotional disasters.  This is what we knew wasn’t right with the world.  This is why we started the MAMA Art Collective.  While we’re weaving, knitting and sewing, we’re also actively organizing as women who believe in change.


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