Homestead Atlanta and Natalie Martinez

A few things worth mentioning…

Last Thursday Kimberly Coburn, founder of Homestead Atlanta stopped by the collective to check out the scene and chat.  We’re happy to report that MAMA Katie Miller will be working with Homestead Atlanta to offer a weaving class in the fall.  This is Katie’s first foray into the world of teaching and we’re excited for her and happy to be able to provide the platform for this professional leap.

Speaking of professional leaps, MAMA Natalie Martinez has relaunched her blog.

“ArchitectMAMA is intended to be a resource and inspirational stop on the web for creative women who may or may not be mamas. I don’t really like being the center of attention on my blog and want to use the space to build a creative community and a platform for raising awareness about certain issues that are close to my heart.”

Natalie has been such a huge supporter of MAMA and we are thrilled that she is taking on this new project in addition to her full time job and motherhood!


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