Meet a MAMA: Betsy Wallace

pinning 4Name/Name of kids:
Betsy Wallace with kids Grant (3 1/2) and Meta (just over a year!)

How long have you lived in Atlanta?
We’ve been back and forth! I am from Wisconsin, which is where I grew up and went to school.  I moved to Atlanta in 2005 with my then fiance, now husband, who went to Emory for graduate work.  We moved back up to Wisconsin in 2008, had a few kids, got a few more degrees and thought we might be there permanently…until Atlanta lured us back down again last July.  I think we might be here awhile this time.

What neighborhood do you live in?
Lake Claire – just a few blocks from the Lake Claire Land Trust and my son’s favorite neighborhood pet, Big Lou the emu!

What made you decide to try MAMA?
MAMA helps me recharge a part of myself, creatively and socially, that would otherwise be neglected.  Melanie and I also talked a lot about needing a place that is women-centric rather than child-centric.  You spend so much time (and money) taking kids to structured activities, we wanted to create an old school “drop the kids off and let them find something to do” kind of atmosphere while we get some much needed time and space to do things we wanted to do.

Favorite art/crafting activity?
I seem to be drawn to patchwork quilting.  The fabric scraps and bright color combination kind – I like anything I can piece together as I go, without a pattern.  I’m definitely an amateur at everything, but love to try.

Best piece of parenting advice you received?
Be consistent.  It is applicable to almost every situation and is dead simple.  But also probably the hardest thing to do on a day-to-day basis.

Your idea of a perfect day?
I would sleep in and then go out for a lazy and long brunch with my husband. And then I might read a book or take a nap.  Followed by more lazy and luxurious meals. And my kids would be having a super fun day with their grandparents!

The handmade project you are most proud of?
I knit a chunky, lacy shawl for my mom for Christmas probably 8-10 years ago. It is deep purple and cream and probably the coolest thing I’ve made.  I love it and wear it out whenever I’m at my parent’s house!


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