On Being “Crafty”…Or Not

We’ve been hearing from several of you that you are interested in joining us, but you don’t think you are “crafty enough.”  We want to be sure you all know creating MAMA is just as much about finding community as it is about finding creative time.  We will not insist you work on something “crafty,” what we will insist is that you come with an open mind and a willingness to play around with this gift of space and community.

And if you really think you aren’t crafty, then come and hang out anyway!  Write letters, fold laundry, put your pictures in photo albums, answer emails or just sit down with a cup of coffee!  No project is too small or too silly.  This is about making time for things you can’t seem to get done otherwise.

Just trying to get this post up has taken me three times longer than I wanted.  My toddler is sitting in my lap pulling things out of the desk and pushing keys, and my three-year-old is zooming toy cars all over the living room.  If this sounds familiar–join us!

Here a few projects I might take on in the coming weeks:


Baby Footprints from A Nest for All Seasons


  Martha Stewart‘s No-Knit Scarf


Julie Ann Art‘s Mason Jar Organization


Necklace from Stripes and Sequins


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