Survey Says

TImagehank you so much to everyone who took the survey! Here are a few highlights.

Weekday mornings were the most popular time slot, followed by weekend mornings/afternoons.
We had a great suggestion for Friday or Saturday evenings, which would be fun to add as we get going!

Most people thought they would use a maker space up to 10 hours per month.  Popular choices for locations include Decatur, East Atlanta and the nearby intown neighborhoods, although we did have a few who preferred a Buckhead or North/Northeast Atlanta space.

About 40% of y’all would like to co-op and 60% would prefer the $5 drop-in.  No one chose the $50/month option (good to know!).

As far as shared supplies, far and away the most recommended item was self-healing cutting mats. Other suggestions include:

Sewing machine
Colored pencils
Scissors and other utility items
Big work tables
Idea/resource books

Some other great suggestions included a yarn/fabric swap bin, classes or lectures from experts (this was a popular request) and making quilts or knitting for charity.

We’re working hard to get everything up and running.  We have a pretty solid lead on a place to start – stay tuned for more details!

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