Get out some Tissue Paper and Glue (and see what happens)

We’re excited to launch the Atlanta-based MAMA Art Collective.  Who are we?  Mothers (with young children) who get together to craft, design and be creative in a shared, community space with childcare.

Because we have these beautiful, constant attachments (kids) it can be hard to take advantage of many of the awesome crafty places Atlanta has to offer, like Whipstitch, Cast-on Cottage and Intown Quilters.

MAMA Art Collective fills a very specific need: a place where moms can get together to work on projects, write, knit, scrapbook or just be creative while our kids are taken care of in the nursery next door.  When we were talking about what kind of space we wanted, Melanie (co-founder) said “sometimes I just want to get out some tissue paper and glue and see what happens.”  Being creative and breaking out of the kid/cleaning/cooking/working routine can be hard. We’re hoping this space makes it easier.  While you get the creative and social recharge you need, your kids are safely playing and socializing next door in a great, toy-filled nursery with lots of new friends! A win- win situation that makes everyone happier at the end of the day.

Right now we’re looking at community spaces in East Atlanta to get up and running.  We hope to have some shared supplies, tools and sewing machines to use. We’ll update the blog as we acquire all things crafty!  It is also getting harder and harder to find crafting supplies intown, so we’ll be experimenting with a small scale notions/yarn shop, as we figure out what people need and the best way to keep our beloved “dream” business sustainable and growing!


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